RESERVE PROFESSIONALS‘ Reserve Study is Indispensable for a Condo HOA Board

Have you:

  • Ever been scared to walk to the mailbox for fear your neighbor across the street will ask again why the grass outside her door is brown?
  • Wondered why the garbage is outside the dumpster and not in the dumpster?
  • Been  asked to deal with kids walking through the community… while you’re tanning at the pool?
  • Had to referee a spat between 2 neighbors?

If so, you’re a HOA board member!

And this isn’t even your day job.  These headaches occur on your free time.  I KNOW, I’ve been there:

  • 3 different Home Owner Association Boards
  • 10+ years of service (or servitude)
  • 5 years as president.

Hopefully, you feel good about what you’ve accomplished since joining.  Hopefully, you’ve met some of your neighbors and call some of them your friends.But why are you on the board?  If you’re like many board members, you want to ensure that your money is being well administered.

But is it?

Will there be enough money to repave the road?  When will you need to repave the road?  What asphalt mix will you need?  And what about the roof?  Ruined leather furniture and hardwood floors from a leak is an excessive and unnecessary expense that should have gone toward repairing the roof.  Either way you pay, even if you call your insurance.

Other than an excellent property manager, RESERVE PROFESSIONALS is your best assurance that your hard earned money is being spent properly.  Our RESERVE STUDIES are thorough and intuitive, which explains why so many other reserve study providers actually use our proprietary software.

Long term budget planning is critical for you, your neighbors, and future residents.  With our RESERVE STUDY, you can look your neighbor in the eye at your annual meeting and explain the condition of the community, and what the future holds.

At RESERVE PROFESSIONALS, you’ll find us committed partners long after you’ve left the board.